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Silent Predator Revolutionizes Wool Hunting Clothes

C-Change Liner

Silent Predator announces the addition of a “Breathable/Waterproof/Windproof Liner”called C_Change to its line of camouflage hunting garments. As you know, wool as a natural fabric is water repellant, warm, quite and breathable. It sheds water for long periods of time and even if it where to get wet it will continue to keep you warm.Think of the benefit to wool hunting garments if made WATERPROOF!!!

Silent Predator has made this benefit a reality! This liner was first placed in the yoke of the Whitetail Parka making it lighter and fully waterproof in the shoulders. This proved a success making it a standard in the Whitetail Parka. In addition, Silent Predator is making the new liner available as an option in the seat and knees of their Stalker Pants and in their Polar Bibs. Furthermore, it can be optionally placed throughout any Parka, the Grizzly, the Treestand Hoody or the Timber Wolf Shirt-Jacket.

This new liner allows wool to maintain all its natural properties of BREATHABILTY, WARMTH, and QUIETNESS, improving its WINDPROOF capability while making it WATERPROOF!!!

This results in a better wool product and makes Silent Predator Camo Wool Hunting Clothes a superior product especially when you consider Silent Predator ability to custom fit their customer and their affordable price point. A cut away sample is available for customers to see. We are prepared to answer any question you may have about the C-Change liner. JOIN THE WOOL REVELUTION!!!



Silent Predator, after recently announcing the ability to add a new liner into their clothing line making their camouflage wool hunting clothes WATERPROOF, has taken another big step to increase the practical functionality of their Camo Wool Hunting Clothing line by increasing the WARMTH FACTOR and reducing the garments overall weight.

Previously the insulation used in Silent Predator garments was a ¼” wool wadding. This insulation did the job admirably however going forward, Silent Predator will be replacing the wool wadding with PrimaLof”t® which is an ultra-fine polyester microfiber that mimics goose down’s lofting and insulating qualities. It is made from polyfill and offers lightweight warmth. It keeps the warmth in, rest lightly on the body, and is100% allergen-free.



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